Asbestos abatement is expected to be completed this Thursday within the building located at 3200 S. Kedzie (Azteca Mall).

A contractor is scheduled to complete a water disconnection at S. Kedzie on the West side of the street this Thursday and Friday (10/28 and 10/29), but this scheduling is dependent on the Department of Water Management. This work will require a saw cut into the street and a repaving at the location of the cut. The western-most traffic southbound traffic lane will be partially blocked for two days while the work is completed.

We anticipate demolition permits will be issued by the City of Chicago within the next week and demolition work will commence promptly thereafter. The work will begin on the 3 structures and a concrete wall at 3345 W. 31st Street (Action Iron).

Daily air quality monitoring will be conducted during the demolition work and the reports will be posted on this website.

Please call our hotline with any questions or concerns. 773-484-1049.

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