Notice of Public Meeting for EPA Grant Submission (read more) Nov 2023
Third Phase of Environmental Testing of Soil Oct 2023
Federal Grant from HRSA Secured for the Project Sept 2023
RFQ/RFPs Distributed for Construction Management Team Selection July 2023
Architectural Schematic Design Begins June 2023
Certificate of Need Process Begins April 2023
Retail Market Study and Survey Conducted March 2023
New Fencing Installed around Property 2022
CSDC Opens Office Headquarters at 2001 South California Ave. 2022
Federal Grant from HUD Secured for the Project 2022
Architectural Programming Begins 2022
Second US EPA Federal Grant Received for Environmental Cleanup 2022
Approval of Remedial Action Plan Received for Washburne Parcel
Final Parcel of Land Acquired (Washburne Trade School site) 2022
City of Chicago Plan Commission Approval 2022
Redevelopment Agreement Executed for the Project 2022
Second Phase of Environmental Testing of Soil 2021
Planned Development Approval Process Begins 2021
Phase 2 Demolition Begins 2020
Continued Community Engagement, Planning, and Research 2019
First US EPA Federal Grant Received for Environmental Cleanup 2018
Second Parcel of Land Acquired 2017
First Phase of Environmental Testing of Soil 2016
Phase 1 Demolition Completed 2016
First Parcel of Land Acquired 2014
Research, Planning and Community Engagement Begins 2012

Preliminary Design and Construction Schedule

Programming Complete Complete
Schematic Design June 2023 - February 2024
Design Development February 2024 - October 2024
Construction Documents October 2024 - September 2025
Construction Activities* February 2025 - September 2027

*Certain Construction Activities will take place during the completion of Construction Documents