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US EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant Documents

Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives 

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Report 

Advisory Workshop Report

Advisory Workshop

This Workshop was organized to leverage the brain trust of experts and community stakeholders to address the five priority issues confronting community-based healthcare. These experts form the Focal Point Advisory Group and represent organizations with a legacy in the Chicago area—leaders working in partnership to provide quality healthcare and other services to the residents of our West and Southwest Chicago communities.

Advisory Workshop: Pushing Beyond Today and Laying the Foundation for the Future 

Visioning Session Report

Focal Point Visioning Statement

Attendees at the visioning session represented organizations with a legacy in the Chicago area, leaders working in partnership to provide quality healthcare and other services to the residents of these West and Southwest Chicago communities.

Focal Point Visioning Session | Comparison & Deduction Summary



 Community-Centric Study

Community Centric Report

In partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, College of Architecture, HDR Architecture sponsored and conducted a community needs and visioning study in Chicago to gain a thorough understanding of stakeholder expectations for U.S. healthcare provision and education in lower socio-economic communities.

Creating Community-Centric Hospitals in Lower Socio-Economic Areas | A Study in Chicago's Near Southwest Side | Summary