Chicago Southwest Development Corporation (“CSDC”) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation responsible for the development and subsequent operation of the Focal Point Community Campus, a bold and visionary 30-acre community development project in Chicago’s Little Village Neighborhood.

The project will be anchored by Saint Anthony Hospital. The hospital was incorporated in 1898 and is an independent, faith-based community hospital promoting health equity and providing quality care to patients and families of all faiths in the underserved communities on Chicago’s southwest side. Given the age of its existing facility, the hospital is in critical need of a new and innovative facility to continue its service offerings.

CSDC is issuing its Request for Qualifications for Construction Management Services for work described in the attached RFQ. CSDC invites professional construction management firms experienced in construction consulting and general contracting (“Proposer”) to submit their qualifications in response to this RFQ for CSDC’s Focal Point Community Campus development.