• Cook County’s Bureau of Asset Management is well underway with demolition work at 2700 S. California Avenue, disassembling the structures at Cook County jail to make way for new recreational area. This work is taking place approximately ¾ of a mile northeast of where Chicago Southwest Development Corporation (CSDC) will be completing its own demolition work.
  • CSDC heard a concern from the community about two demolition projects happening at the same time and the risk that may pose to air quality and traffic. Joe Caprile and Mike Di Lorenzo from CSDC spoke with Joey Tse (Senior Project Manager for the County’s project from STV/Heery), and Audrey Jonas (Public Information Officer for Cook County).
  • Mr. Tse shared that the County is currently working on sorting, recycling, and clean-up at the site until late November; this work generates minimal dust. In late November, the County will start demolition of the final building (section 5 of 5), likely to be completed by the end of this year. After that work, the focus will be on the necessary subterranean excavation work which will likely go through the summer of 2022.
  • The bulk of CSDC’s demolition work will take place in October and November of 2021, before the County starts the next section demolition activities. 
  • CSDC and Cook County will continue to share information on schedule, air quality monitoring, and other activities to prevent any detrimental impacts of two demolition projects taking place within a mile of each other.

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